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May 27th, 2016:

‘Rum Luck’ – Get Your Own Epic Drinking Song

To celebrate the launch of ‘Rum Luck’, I’ll be authoring Epic Drinking Songs for readers throughout the month of July. All you need to do is take a picture of your copy of ‘Rum Luck’ – eBook or physical – and either e-mail it to me at ryan.aldred@gmail.com or post it to social media with the tag #RumLuck. Please include the name of the Epic Drinker and a few facts about them. (Eg. Where they live, favourite drink, etc.)

‘Rum Luck’ is a humorous mystery in which Canadian tourist Ben Cooper wakes up in a Costa Rican prison cell to find he’s bought a bar on a beach and been arrested for murder – is now available for purchase in eBook and hardcover.

Here’s an example of an Epic Drinking Song:


From Kristin: I want the Ballad about me! haha! Born in Saskatchewan, Live at the beach (Regina Beach), I like Gin, I make pots… And the photo is my favorite corner on my deck, friday afternoon, comfy chair, gin and tonic…

And here is Kristin’s Song:

Oh, Kristin had a long week
In Saskatchewan
She said, “I think I need a gin.”
Wayne said, “I’ll get ya one.”

Regina Beach had been too cold
And the pot she’d made had broke
So she took a big ol’ swig
But began to cough and choke

She looked inside her mug and saw
Stones of different blues
She asked Wayne, “What gives here?
What are you trying to do?”

He said, “My dear you asked for gin.
This one’s on the rocks.
You drank it that way all last night.
That’s thinking outside the box.”

And then Kirstin remembered
She’d loved that pot so much
So when the darn thing broke apart
Her poor heart had been crushed

She’d put the shards in the freezer
To keep her drink ice cold
So that’s the way she drinks her gin
(And carefully, so I’m told.)

Drinking Songs will be at least 8 lines long, but may be much longer if inspiration strikes. I’ll be posting them on my facebook page and on twitter throughout the month.

Let the Epicness begin!