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Book Clubs

We’re pleased to offer signed editions and sizable discounts to book clubs that order 8 books or more. To learn more or to arrange purchase, please e-mail Ryan at ryan.aldred@gmail.com.

Ryan is available to attend most book club events from Cobourg to Kingston, and may be available to visit books clubs with flexible schedules in the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary. Otherwise, he is glad to arrange a video call via Skype or facetime.

‘Rum Luck’ Discussion Questions

Have you ever wanted to “leave it all behind”? If you did, how did that experience differ from your expectations? If you decided to stay where you were, why?

Certain places seem to have a kind of gravity that draw us in and make us want to stay. For myself, those places have been Tamarindo, Nelson, Prague and my home in Picton, Prince Edward County. What place have you visited that has that kind of gravity? What makes that place special?

Which character did you empathize with most? Why?

Have you ever had a romantic interest that was fueled by other emotions – grief, loss, anger, or pity? What sort of challenges come with those kinds of relationships? Is it possible for that kind of relationship to last after those other emotions have faded?

Do you have a skill that you could potentially use ‘for evil’? For example, knowledge of poisonous plants or the know-how to carry out identity theft. Have you ever been tempted to put it into action? What stopped you? And what would make you cross that line?

What was the worst choice made by any of the characters? Why?

Has the novel changed you, broadened your perspective, taught you something, or made you curious about something new?

Ben has a defining moment in which he decides the future of his life and who he’s going to be. Have you ever had a similar decision to face? What did you choose, and why?