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Another Five Star Review for ‘Rum Luck’

I’m very much behind in posting links to blog posts and reviews regarding ‘Rum Luck’ – so, time to catch up. Here’s a five star review from Brad Horner.

“… It’s a good novel about pursuing your dreams. I think I’ll remember that bit long after the murder mystery fades, but don’t get me wrong, there was a good deal of fun with that, too. I didn’t even mind that all the characters kept having hidden depths of skills popping up out from nowhere to save the day. It made them interesting. Really interesting. 🙂 No problemo. 😉

So who do you want to be when you grow up? Hey! As long as you don’t say clown, you’re in business.

Recommendations while reading this novel: Rum.

If you really want, then get some good tequila, but I seriously recommend rum. It’s not just in the title. It’s in the spirit. You can’t read a mystery novel taking place in a bar without getting blasted, can you? Sure, it doesn’t hurt if you like rum, too, or perhaps a bit of good tequila, but just imagine how much fun you might have if you turned the reading of this into a drinking game! Screw movies. Books are the new bar-room entertainment. Don’t believe me? Read the book. I can guarantee a good time. 🙂

Thanks to the author for a copy of his book! I was skeptical at first, but it was a charm to fall into and really, really smooth. Thank you!”

Thank you for the five star review, Brad – and thanks also for coming up with the idea of a Rum Luck Drinking Game. That is absolutely going to be a thing.